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At Marsden Hotel Group we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and believe that business success goes hand in hand with making a positive impact on society and the environment. Our CSR initiatives are at the core of our company's values and are ingrained in our everyday operations.


Here's how we engage in CSR:

1. Environmental Stewardship: We're dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. From sustainable sourcing and responsible waste management to energy-efficient practices, we are continually seeking ways to lessen our impact on the planet.

2. Community Involvement: We take pride in being an active member of the communities where we operate. Our employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer programs, and we support local organizations and causes that are important to us and our community.

3. Ethical Business Practices: We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings. Our commitment to fair labor practices, transparency, and integrity is unwavering.

4. Product Responsibility: We are vigilant about the quality and safety of our products. We ensure that our products meet or exceed industry standards and are developed with the well-being of our customers in mind.

5. Philanthropic Giving: Giving back is a fundamental part of our corporate culture. We actively contribute to charitable organizations and causes that align with our values, striving to make a meaningful impact on the issues that matter most to us.

By embracing these CSR principles, we not only make a positive difference in the world but also strive to inspire others within our industry to do the same. We are dedicated to the idea that responsible business practices create a better future for all. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable and socially responsible world.


Owned by Tourism New Zealand and backed by leading industry organisations, Qualmark provides a grading system for accommodation providers and a quality assurance programme for visitor activities, service and transport providers, as an official mark of quality.

Qualmark is a certification that highlights tourism providers who are delivering a quality sustainable experience, who have undergone an independent safety check and showcase true New Zealand hospitality.

Sustainable Tourism Business Awards & Star Ratings

Following an evaluation, a Qualmark business will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold award based on their performance under the Sustainable Tourism Business Criteria. Accommodation businesses will also receive an official star rating that denotes the quality of the facilities on offer.  

Sustainable Tourism Business Criteria - what do the ratings mean?

Qualmark looks to recognise businesses that are delivering a holistically sustainable experience.  Businesses are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award depending on their performance against the Sustainable Tourism Business criterion.

Stacked Qualmark 4 Star Bronze Sustainable Tourism Business Award Logo.png
Stacked Qualmark 4 Star Plus Silver Sustainable Tourism Business Award Logo.png

Bronze Sustainable Tourism Business Award

To achieve a Bronze Award a tourism business must meet all Qualmark’s minimum standards contained in the Sustainable Tourism Business Award criteria.  It identifies a business with a high level of professionalism, an awareness of the impact it has on the environment and a customer centric approach.

Silver Sustainable Tourism Business Award

A Silver Award is evidence of a sophisticated tourism business that consistently exceeds visitor expectations.  Proactive leadership and management ensure that a culture of high performance is evident throughout the entire business.  The business will have a real focus on continuously improving their economic, social and environmental performance to ensure the tourism product they deliver is a genuine, constantly improving sustainable experience.


Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award

A Gold Award recognises the best sustainable tourism businesses in New Zealand, with the delivery of exceptional customer experiences an integral part of everything they do.  A Gold Sustainable Tourism Award identifies those businesses leading the way in making the New Zealand tourism industry a world class sustainable visitor destination.


The Wyndham Green Program is designed to help our Wyndham branded hotels reduce their environmental footprints and operate more efficiently through eco-friendly initiatives. This commitment to sustainable practices is one of the many ways we’re ensuring our core values align with those of our guests.

Our certification program is comprised of five progressive levels, which address sustainability elements including energy and water conservation, waste diversion, and operational efficiency, as well as guest and employee education and engagement. Learn more about our Wyndham Green programme here



Level 1: Core:

  • Towel and linen reuse

  • Interior energy-efficient lighting

  • Recycling program

  • Guest communication

  • Property education

  • Utility tracking

Level 2: Essential

  • Dedicated “Green Team” focused on sustainability

  • Water-efficient sink fixtures

  • Water-efficient showerheads

  • Heating and cooling set points or occupancy controls

  • Preventive maintenance of energy-consuming systems

  • Additional recycling for electronics, lightbulbs, etc.

Level 3: Proficient

  • Water-efficient flush fixtures in common areas

  • Air sealing

  • Lighting occupancy controls in low traffic areas

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Exterior energy-efficient lighting

  • Water bottle refill station

Level 4: Advanced

  • Advanced recycling program

  • Energy-efficient laundry equipment

  • Green housekeeping program

  • Donation program for amenities and food to reduce waste

  • Paperless checkout

  • Energy-efficient appliances and equipment

  • Eco-friendly product purchasing

Level 5: Expert

  • Water-efficient flush fixtures in guest rooms

  • Water-efficient irrigation controls

  • Advanced preventive maintenance program

  • Food waste composting

  • Single-use plastic minimization program


We are proud to be part of the Vendella Dream Green initiative where Vendella source plastic bottles that are made from the highest grade, premium plastic.​

These bottles are then thoroughly sterilised before being reduced from their raw state into small, pure white flakes. These small flakes are spun into a yarn, which is then transformed into a premium hypoallergenic microfibre.​

The final result is a snow-white, high-loft and luxurious softness that guests globally rave over.

Learn more about Dream Green.

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